Fauna and Flora in Ireland

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Fauna in Ireland

In rich Ireland culture, the land hungry instinct strives on and when you come to see the place you can find in the nature that is found in Ireland, you wouldn’t wonder why the hunger began. Its luscious green and gentle wildlife that stream the perfect nature trip that is tourist friendly.

deers in Ireland


Ireland had been isolated from Europe after the Ice Age. The usual species that can be found in Ireland would be hedgehogs, red fox, and badger. Others like Irish hare, pine marten, red deer are not that often seen. In their aquatic wildlife, species like shark, turtle, dolphin and others are typical in the coast. There is a rich bird life in Ireland where there is a record of 400 bird species in Ireland. Much of these birds migrated and that includes the swallow. Ireland birds mostly come from Greenland, Africa, and Iceland. The good thing about traveling or walking in the Ireland is that Ireland does not have snakes, but don’t go running down the hill in sheer joy, you might just find yourself stepping on some reptile or a common lizard, in Ireland is native. Some of the extinct species in Ireland is the great auk, the wolf, and the great Irish elk. In the bird category, the extinct bird would be the golden eagle that had been reintroduced after decades.

With the used of Ireland land in agricultural drives, it has been hard to preserve the Ireland wildlife since there is limited land to preserve it in, especially for huge wild animals that require a greater territorial ground for it to live in. There are no top predators that can really be found in Ireland, predators cannot control the population of animals (such as foxes) are controlled by yearly gathering such as wild populations of deer.



In the times of the medieval age, Ireland was forested heavily with oak, beech, pine and birch. Now there’s 4,450 km or one million acres of land. Due to Ireland’s mild climate, sub-tropical species were able to grow like that of palm trees grow in Ireland. Since the land use pattern in Ireland most of it’s land is covered with pasture where wild flowers grow. Commonly found growing in the upland is Gorse which is a wild furze. In parts of regions that are mostly moist, fern usually grows in abundance especially in the western part of Ireland. Ireland is the home of hundreds of plan species, having some uniquely founding the island. Some rare grasses had invaded the land of Ireland and to name one would be Spartina Anglica.

the sun on land

In cold temperature of Ireland algal and seaweed flora are mostly found. The number of species in totality is Heterokntophyta:152; Rodophyta: 264; Cyanophyta:31 ; Chlorapyta: 114 having the total of 574 species all in all. To name a rare specie would be Itonoa marginifera, Schimitzia;Galidiella calcicola, Gelidiul maggsiae and Halymenia latifolia.

The variety in plant species create the kind of color Ireland had become to be, making it a place of different shades of green accented with a color that stands out in the wilderness by the form of a wild flower.