Dublin on ice smithfield ireland

above:  Dublin on Ice at Smithfield in festive season

Celebrating Christmas in Ireland is just the same with the ways of the United Kingdom and United States of America citizens.  Though there are some deviations with regards to its cultures and traditions.  Some Irish people would have a tall and thick candle on the largest window sill after the sun has set during Christmas Eve.  It is done as a representation of a warm welcome for Mary and Joseph.  That was only some of the rituals of the people in Ireland during Christmas.  When you are planning to visit Ireland in December, these are the events that you might want to witness or engage in.

  •  12 Days of Christmas Market-Docklands

    This festival offers not just shopping but also it shows some traditional popular fairground attractions.  Christmas caroling and music bands can also be a good source of enjoyment and fun.  Shoppers will also enjoy traditional German wine, sweetened drinks like hot chocolates and beers together with continental pastries, minced spices, enticing food stall treats, and gourmet treats like cheeses, cakes and many more.

  • 7up Christmas on Ice

    It is commonly known as “Galway bay on ice”.  Several towns and cities are participating in this annual Christmas event of skating in a frozen surface. The festival features the skating Santa Claus, falling snow, a chocolate fountain, and disc jockeys.

  • Dublin on Ice at Smithfield

    It is an open air ice rink at the historic area of Smithfield.  You might want to show what you’ve got when it comes to figure skating; Dublin on Ice at Smithfield is the festival you’re waiting for, only this Christmas at Ireland.

  • Christmas at Imaginousity

    Celebrating Christmas in Ireland can be with Imaginosity.  It features Christmas workshops for making letters to Santa Claus, Christmas tree decorations, Christmas Angels, Christmas snowflakes, and advent calendars.   There will also be a puppet show at the theatres. 

  • Christmas at the Ark

    It is a festival during Christmas where very well-known musicians and performers can be seen.  The Ark, it is a cultural centre for children.  Special performances can be witnessed.